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how to get affiliate marketing with amazon

How to Get With Amazon

The first step to start an Amazon is to get an ASIN. This is an alphanumeric code that is used for product identification. You can find your ASIN by looking at the Product Information section of an Amazon listing. To obtain this, you must copy the ASIN and paste it in a new window. Then, you need to perform a catalog search. You should verify that the results are accurate by looking at the items that are listed.

Once you have created an account with Amazon, you’ll need to share some basic information with them. You’ll need to tell them your primary goal for the website so they can decide which affiliate products or services to promote. You’ll also need to provide your website URL and traffic sources. Once you have your information, you’re ready to sign up. Once your account is verified, you can begin the process of promoting Amazon products.

Once you’ve gotten an ASIN, you’ll want to create your affiliate links. Your affiliate links should be located only on your website or blog. Never use them in emails, lead magnet PDFs, printed flyers, or ebooks. They’ll get flagged. The best way to get the right product for your is to write an honest review of the product. This will increase your chances of conversion.

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